Resources for starting an Owl Project



The larger the paper the easier it is to fold an owl. I started people with 9 or 9.5 inch square paper. It is also easier to fold origami paper than paper from catalogues. But the catalogue paper is free and it is a beautiful way to recycle. You will have to make the paper square. The easiest way is to fold into a triangle and cut off the extra. My favorate catalogue is Serena & Lily furniture catalogue. It has wonderful colors and is made of high quality paper. I have also used flyers from the various museums in DC. Again, it is a great way to recycle.


The eyes we put on owls give them their unique expression. They can look worried, angry, shy, or happy depending on which eyes you choose and how you place them. Placing eyes is a great way for children and novices to get involved.


To make strings of 5 owls I used this cord. You have to search for 2 ply lame cord or use the link below. If you just look for beading cord you will get wire and fishing line like cord.